I’ve learned that fitness and exercise take commitment.  From the confines of DC and NYC, to on the road, to vacations.  But style is something I would never forgo in the name of sweat.WEEKEND WORKOUT STYLE 02

As I went for a rejuvenating weekend at a cabin in the mountains, I wanted to fill my lungs with pure air and my eyes with uninhibited nature.  Although there wouldn’t be a soul around for miles, I wasn’t about to show up to the deer and the bunny rabbits looking dowdy.  I adorned my ears with lava stone earrings I found in Miami and threw on tribal rings from the Village in NYC to blend in with my surroundings.


Just like a wedding dress that makes you want to get married, these hot, mesh yoga pants will make you want to get down and dirty.  As we took the 3 mile trek into the town of Luray, Virginia, my lunges, stretches, and sprints made me feel as good as the scenery looked.  As someone who doesn’t indulge in the yoga pant trend as much as my DC counterparts, I was pleasantly surprised at how sexy and athletic they could be.  The balance of continuing to be myself through style while immersing myself in unfamiliar but beautiful surroundings was invigorating.


Recharging my body while taking in the gorgeous outdoors completely transformed me.  I thought there would be nothing better than me recommending the same experience to you.  In the first month of what I hope will be a year of fulfilled goals for us all, I can’t say enough how important it is to sometimes step back from it all.  Regaining perspective is the best way to bring us closer to what we want.  With the knowledge of that, I see many more stylish yoga pants and cabin getaways in my future!

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