Tea India at the Cabin #GetYourKadak Cover

A moment of joy always follows a sip of chai.  The warmth of each sip floods one with memories of the best ordinary things.  Chai from mother’s hands.  Chai after a dawat (a family feast).  Chai with favorite childhood biscuits.  The warmth fills inside and out.  That is why a variety of Tea India chais was the perfect thing to pack for a relaxing weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods.Tea India at the Cabin #GetYourKadak 01

I was so happy to have received this gift of instant chais from Tea India.  This meant I would be able to create a joyful cup of chai in moments and spend all my time taking in the splendor of my surroundings.  No cleanup.  No mess.  Just chai moments.  Since we were there four days, I was able to indulge in each of the flavors – masala, milk, ginger and cardamom.Tea India at the Cabin #GetYourKadak 02

After making a beautiful cup of chai in moments, I wasted no time getting outside and enjoying the view from the backyard of our cabin.  Anytime one gets to reconnect with the majesty of nature, it truly is a moment of joy.  Waking up to this view every morning and sipping on a cup of chai has added to the web of wonderful memories chai has created in my left.

Tea India at the Cabin #GetYourKadak 03

I would sit on our porch swing, sip my morning chai and reflect on things to be thankful for.  Most of my posts are about my life in DC and New York through a stylish eye.  I am a self described woman on the go.  I am a graduate student at Georgetown University who is also working full time.  I am a community and family involved person.  And I am always thinking about how I can affect positive change around me.  Taking a moment to stop and reflect on these personal and professional blessings is a joyous thing.  This warmth and thankfulness defined every morning at the cabin when chai was on the menu.

Tea India at the Cabin #GetYourKadak 04

This cup of Tea India masala chai was paired with earrings found in Hyderabad, India, a tunic dress gifted by my mother, matching leggings from Uniqlo and booties from Aldo.

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“This post is part of a sponsored campaign on behalf of the South Asian Bloggers Network for Tea India and I have received compensation for this post. All opinions are my own.  


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