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In a year of self-care, I have moved myself to see certain things as “black and white” rather than shades of grey:

  1. You can treat yourself well, materially and spiritually, without the help of others.
  2. Identify what brings you intellectual happiness and indulge in it each chance you get.
  3. Stay two steps removed from negative thoughts and savor in the positive ones.
  4. Cultivate your best qualities now to be your best self in the future. Without this crucial last step, singing along proudly to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”  when you’re fifty is strictly off limits.

While un-complicating people and situations at the root will define my 2018, Romeo and Juliette had no such luck or mental clarity. Embodying my new black and white zen in my wardrobe, I treated myself to an afternoon at the Romeo and Juliette ballet at Lincoln Center, in this Dior-esque two tone ensemble. (Hello Step #2.) Here’s what I wore to the ballet.


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​New year resolutions, like traditions, are expected. ​But the value of traditions comes when they build toward something new​ and thrilling. This traditional notched jacket emblazoned in a near-east design is every bit classic as it is daring. Bringing true and traditional elements of life into every new year – such as family, faith and classic style – is the only guarantee to individualistic happiness and perseverance. And although setting resolutions can easily help define how happy you think you’ll be once the new year is old, those true elements will resolve you to rise above any trials in a society that sometimes ages more like spoiled milk than fine wine. In what stands to be a year defined by loads of grace and grit, this look is the first to be shared in that spirit. The poem below captures this style moment and the essence of the spikes in my shoes – just about perfectly. Continue reading



My holidays kicked off last weekend with a stroll through the Bryant Park Winter Village in New York City. Surrounded by charming art shops and Trump protests, my outfit had to be chic yet on-the-go-ready. This holiday season I am giving away a pair of No Nonsense jean leggings, like the ones I am wearing here, with a few tips on How to Wear White in Winter. Continue reading