If you’re a New Yorker in DC, these days, you find yourself craving a win.  Whether its for the Yankees or for common sense on the issues.  But just like a solo home run in the bottom of the ninth inning or a side walk run-in with former Congressman Eric Cantor, you can’t predict when your wins and losses will come.  All you can do is dress up, and show up.

Dressing for a day at the office and a night at a ball game is a lot like packing for a business trip that’s work and play.  While I adore my men in Yankee pinstripes, I would never expect myself to do an ounce of work if I showed up to my job wearing their uniform.  So I stick to what I know best, sleek lines and minimalism. Enter, the maxi dress.

Going to a baseball game doesn’t mean that you have to show up looking like the players on the field.  You’ll note that my tennis shoes are missing in action here.  Tennis shoes are pure function and I am firmly believe that there are more attractive ways to achieve comfort below the ankles.  Booties are the answer every time.

Pulling my hair back and combining this chic maxi dress with glamorous statement earrings created a look I could go in all day long.  It also made sure that my hair cooperated.  And just in case it stepped out of line, I had a lipstick-matching pink Yankees hat handy.  I was ready to go from office to take-me-out-to-the-ball-game.

As a New Yorker who is guilty of wearing a lot of black, this pink bag, just like a groundhog, let’s you know it is a certain time of year: spring baseball.  Luckily, the magnetic attraction between looking good and feeling good, unlike a trip to the postseason, is well within your control.


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Maxi Dress Lookbook


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