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Running to meetings.  Crushing deadlines.  Going to classes.  As much as I love shopping, sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day to indulge in retail therapy.  Enter Rocksbox.ROCKSBOX TO THE RESCUE 1

Rocksbox makes sure you are always looking polished by refreshing your wardrobe with glamorous accessories every month.  You start off by taking a style survey and placing your favorite pieces on your wish list. ROCKSBOX TO THE RESCUE 3You’ll then get three stunning pieces selected by a pro-stylist delivered right to your door in a beautifully wrapped box.  You can keep and wear the pieces for as long as you want.  Mixing and matching to make your #powerfashion stand out in the crowd.

ROCKSBOX TO THE RESCUE 2You can return the box anytime with a prepaid envelope.  Rocksbox then sends you another beautiful style surprise right to your door.  As you unwrap the pink bow, you’ll discover brand new designer jewels to reinvent your wardrobe.  I love not having to think about how to refresh my favorite statement blazer or maxi dress.  Now Rocksbox does it all for me!

You can try it out for FREE for one month with the code nymannequinxoxo!! All you have to do is go to www.rocksbox.com and at check out type in the code nymannequinxoxoIf you decide to keep using Rocksbox after your free gift you’ll pay only $19.00 for jewelry styling a month!


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