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If what they say is true.  That you only feel as good as you look.  I propose we all enter 2016 on a stylishly high note.  I give you, one of my favorite pieces.  It is Gatsby meets New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas.I found this dress back home in New York at the Queens Center Mall.  It was in one of those stores where everything looks good if you have fun in mind.  To me, there is nothing more fun than a surprise.  And this dress embodies surprises.  Although I wore this dress to the Weeknd concert at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC, I thought this would be the perfect inspiration for mesmerizing New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 01

For someone who loves exactness on the job, in grad school, and in life in general, I took a chance.  I dared to wear uneven levels of everything.  Tricolor chain earrings that are longer than my mane.  A missing back.  And a hemline that disappears like a skyline into the New York morning fog.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 04From its deep gold embellishments to the racy back cutout.  This work of art ends up being the opposite of the Mona Lisa.   And instead of its eyes following you around the room, all eyes in the room will be on the dress.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 02

I love how intense and clean this design is.  It calls for just a few complimentary jewels.  It doesn’t need much else.  Just like a bold female who is a “one woman show” this dress is the star of the drama.
New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 03

While experimenting was fun, I couldn’t help but match the dip in my back with a dipped pair of booties.  These booties started out as a “want” but they turned into a “need”.  They trot everywhere – to the office, to the airport, to the date nights, and back!
New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 05

Completing the idea that you should only show a little leg or a little cleavage, this dress pushes the boundaries while staying with traditional fashion rules.  While it is true that many rules are meant to be broken, more often than not, most are better off sticking with what works.  I love trying new things but there is also something to be said about something that is “your thing.”  As you dress yourself this New Year’s Eve, be you.  Be your best you.  Sparkle a little and celebrate a lot.

New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas 06

I hope you enjoyed feasting your eyes on one of my New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas as much as I enjoyed wearing the look.  Click here to see how I wore an LBD for a celebration with family and loved ones last New Year’s Eve.

Here are metallic dresses I curated just for you, for any occasion.

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