SCALLOPED BIKINI IN PUERTO RICO COVERI am a daydreamer.  Since full time work and graduate school started two years ago, I am always daydreaming about escaping to a beach to hit my “RESET” button.  It’s second nature to me now (queue Dean Martin.)  But dressing for the beach can be tricky, especially when you are an Indian-Muslim blogger.SCALLOPED BIKINI IN PUERTO RICO 1 monochrome at the beach puerto rico

Refining and taking care of your image does not stop because you go on vacation.  I often have trouble saying “no” to the mini-dresses I splashed on in college, or my pink blinged out hoop earrings (required for every Queens girl to own.)  But, after years of experimenting with colors, gravity, and getting to know my style-self, I can say one thing for sure: If one piece of your outfit is from your mother, you are in the zone of “adult-chic.”

SCALLOPED BIKINI IN PUERTO RICO 2 monochrome at the beach puerto rico

This sheer cover-up was a gift from her that had been waiting in queue for a trip like this.  Paired with my mod Gucci shades, I felt like I was in one of those vacation episodes from Mad Men (literally taking a break from public relations…my master’s program that is.)  Invoking a time when beauty was in the face and mystery was in the fashion, covering up definitely made me feel alluring and glamorous.SCALLOPED BIKINI IN PUERTO RICO 4 monochrome at the beach puerto rico

SCALLOPED BIKINI IN PUERTO RICO 3 monochrome at the beach puerto ricoIf you read my blog, it is no secret that I am obsessed with the monochrome fashion trend.  I love the eye catching surprises and that it can take months, if not years, to curate the perfect pieces for a single outfit.  The oldest piece here is the silver bangle circa Beijing from 2009.  The newest piece is the white scalloped bikini from Target.  The vibrant scaly red of this cover up made me feel so sophisticated and Asian-chic, that I almost felt like I could be one of the pieces of furniture Janice unveils in this scene from my favorite movie, Goodfellas.

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