THE LOCATION:  Your typical Saturday photo shoot in DC, post-proper French brunch.

THE LOOK:  It’s evident.  The days till when mother nature outlaws hemlines are numbered.  So I could not resist falling back into this maxi skirt that I originally bought for a long flight to Europe one year ago.  Hey, if it works for a long flight, it should sure be able to handle a feast of quiche and french onion soup, right?  In fact, this outfit is a super road map of that European adventure: skirt is from New York, sweater is from Bershka at their Thessaloniki location in Greece, Gucci shades are from the Gucci store in Milan, Italy, and the bag is from a million years ago in New York.  Summer vacation statement pieces on a beautiful day in DC, and all I can think to myself is “It’s not fall.”



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