I am not by brand, a food blogger, but this experience was just so good that I have to tell you all about it.  I am talking about my birthday lunch at Fiola Mare in Washington, DC.  Let me start off by saying my birthday was on December 1st and it was 60 degrees that day so I was in a great mood to begin with.  Walking into Fiola, I heard “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” playing.

I could not find the French version I heard that day, so here it is, as sung by Kevin Spacey.  I love me some Kevin Spacey.  Let it play in the background as you continue to read.

Walking past the stone walled main dining room, we were taken to the back where it was clear that Fiola had some #chandaliergame.

Never having walked away from a restaurant with a menu that had my birthday printed on it, I asked if I could take this one with me.  My awesome waiter said sure.  And as soon as he knew it was my birthday, the pampering was on.After we ordered, our waiter brought us a chef’s sampling of Tuscan tomato soup with basil genovese.

I should have asked if I could keep this darned adorable sampling cup.  As we sipped away at our delicious gift, the Santorini-like sound track continued to play.  Our waiter returned with my menu, and a Happy Birthday card signed by the chef and the management.  This was such a warm and thoughtful gesture.

Then arrived my entrée, the reason I hands-down decided on Fiola for my birthday lunch. TWO WORDS: LOBSTER RAVIOLI.

I have no words for this Lobster Ravioli other than: perfection, delicious, heavenly, decadent and divine!  I am not exaggerating here.  I absolutely love seafood (and red meat) and am shamelessly snobby about it.  This dish really made my experience.  My friend had the Adriatic Seafood Brodetto.  I did not get a picture of his dish but I did try it, and it was outstanding.  The many seafood ingredients (scallops, mussels, bronzino, shrimp and others) blended in a nice tomato base medley but also stood out on their own with each bite.  With the space we barely had left in our tummies, we eagerly awaited dessert.

If anyone makes you wait for dessert, it should be for something like this.  Warm doughnut holes from scratch with honey gelato.  Perfect for soaking up that sneaky gelato that refuses to make it onto your spoon.  While I fully expected to have a birthday candle sticking out of a doughnut hole, my lovely waiter brought me a slice of birthday cake as well for my wish-making duties. 🙂

If you want a modern, European fine dining experience that has not forgotten the desires of a full bellied palette, I would recommend Fiola to you.  Treat yourself, while they treat you.

All Available in Colors I’m Wearing



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