Like fashion, travel is a privilege, not a right. Consulting a full length mirror shouldn’t be optional just because you’ll spend the next 12 hours of your life in a dark cabin. When the lights flick on you will be caught with your sweatpant drawer ensemble, and will continue in the footsteps of every forgettable traveler, ever. Just because travel is complicated  (from delays to detentions), dressing for aesthetics doesn’t have to be. Here are my 4 rules for “How to Travel in Style” (and comfort, always.)

  1. Choose a chic, flowy blouse.

​A smart looking blouse acts as a shield against anyone who does not intend to make smart conversation (i.e.: “Hey baby.”) Wear something that lets you blend in seamlessly and comfortably (with the natives, not the tourists), in any city you may stop. This blouse made me feel at home in Montreal, NYC and Washington, D.C. – in a single day.

  1. Choose compact, lightweight jewelry.

With travel jewelry, “it’s the thought that counts.” Don’t bulk up or abandon jewelry just because you are in destination transition. You can’t go wrong if you choose pieces that:

  • Are delicate (not fragile.)
  • Add a very subtle accent.
  • Don’t require storage or removal.

  1. Choose a dark, stretchy pant.

No matter what your journey throws at you, a dark, stretchy pant will keep you comfortable and your look clean through your entire travel. The right pant will keep you and your travel, chic and flexible.

  1. Choose a (slightly) heeled shoe.

Pick a heeled statement “flat” that goes with everything in your suitcase. In fact, you should own a pair that goes with almost everything in your closet. They should be something you could walk into any room wearing (four star restaurant, first class cabin, house of worship, house of in-laws.)

Since life and travel are both fluid journeys, one’s attire should match. In-person perception is the same in every part of the world, it starts with a glance and ends with a thought. With key pieces in your travel revolver, you’ll easily set a stylish first impression, no matter where you go.


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