00 Heidi Klum, Donald Trump and #TAKEANUMBERDonald Trump spends each week picking a new target for his presidential campaign – menstrual cycles, countries he beats “all the time,” and Mexicans (who are actually raping and pillaging Vikings in disguise; who knew?!  )

This week, the potential Republican presidential nominee is spending his time assigning number ratings to supermodels.  In an interview with the New York Times Trump said that while he finds women to be “amazing” (why thank you Mr. Trump), Heidi Klum, for example, is no longer a “10.”  I suppose we really can’t expect more from a man who runs an international beauty pageant empire.  This type of thought must be as natural for him as breathing, or tanning.

Heidi Klum poked fun at Trump’s comments with her response (below) on Twitter.  She later added, “I feel that women who support their families, who have children, who make their lunches, drive them all over the place, work at the same time…in my book, every woman is a 10.”

This leads me to think.  Why is 10 considered a ceiling?  Why is 10 a bench mark for perfection, applied by men and women upon one another, which neither is capable of achieving?  And why is anything less a failure?**

A 69 year old man high jacking the junior high school number-label-game into national news makes me think we are putting the wrong value on zero, ten, and everything in between.  Numbers and other labels can carry powerful meaning, though, our experiences add that value.  So I propose the following:

Let’s take back conventional labels and give them new meaning.

Here is why I am a zero, a ten, and everything in between.

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Because, let’s be honest, some days you feel like a zero and other days you feel like a million, but that doesn’t make you anything less than a “super awesome rock star,” as my little sister would say.


**1 pair of Valentino Rock Stud shoes is certainly better than 10 knockoffs.

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