A while back I decided to change my views and consumption of so-called “beauty products.”  I stopped shampooing, I began to use olive oil as a facial cleanser, and I stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis.  Still, I love having beautiful polished nails. However I can’t help but feel like nail salons are like chemical incubators and I am just a roaming pod.  This is why I was super excited to discover the NAILSALOON at 1508 14th Street NW.

The NAILSALOON has all the fix-ins a DC power woman could want for a moment of self pampering.

They use only five free nail polish brands, these are free of super toxic chemicals commonly found in most nail polish brands.  There’s more to say about their holistic nail practices, but you should know that their mission goes beyond your aesthetic satisfaction.  the NAILSALOON has committed to donating 3% of its profits to the DC Coalition for the Homeless.  The NAILSALOON is also in the process of using its exquisite salon and services as a networking space to connect DC middle school girls with professional women for mentorship events.

Before they polish you off, they’ll ask you what your palette delights. Whether its a craft coffee drink (hot or cold), tea, or an adult beverage they’ll have you covered.  Then they’ll prim your hands and package up the tools they use for you to take home.  Signature NAILSALOON moves all the way.

My made-to-order iced mocha latte – it was uh-mazing!

While you sip away you’ll be surrounded by their custom hand painted pillows and ultra plush couches.  The NAILSALOON’s DIY touches go further beyond, from their coasters to their statement chandelier, everything was thoughtfully designed and crafted by its Founders, Andrea Vieira and Claudia Diamante, and its Art Directer, Tish King.

After your initial primming, be prepared to be lavished with homemade salt and sugar scrubs.  Yes, homemade.  As natural as it gets.  As you indulge, you wont for a second notice you are in a budding nail space as the NAILSALOON has vents throughout its counter top nail stations that suck away anything other than the scent of luxury.  Being from Queens, New York, a place that has a nail salon on every other block, I can tell you I have never seen such vents before.

WARNING: Be sure you are not like me and still deciding on your nail colors at this point, because your hands and feet will be on cloud nine and you will NOT want to get up 🙂  When I decided, these are the colors I decided on.  I tend to go for two tones of the same family, lighter on the hands and darker on the feet.

If you come to the NAILSALOON, I guarantee you will leave looking something like this: happy nails, happy mind.

So what are you waiting for? Book your appointment at the NAISALOON so you can get nail-happy too.



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