Homelessness in Washington D.C. & the Taste of Georgetown

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When I first moved to Washington D.C. as a college student over ten years ago, I had many experiences of traveling in and out of the District to my hometown of New York. What struck me during these trips was the first thing I would see when entering the District by bus or car: an undeniable and overwhelming presence of homelessness. Years later, just before the cold season which last year saw double the national average of homeless in D.C., I am excited to be supporting Taste of Georgetown on its 25th anniversary. This meaningful and important event endeavors to raise awareness on and eradicate homelessness in the District. Continue reading

Diamond Jubilee: Holiday in Portugal

diamond jubilee, portugal fashion, NYC fashion, NYC fashion blogger, DC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, summer fashion, summer styleI recently traveled to Portugal for holiday, but not just any holiday. This was a once in a lifetime celebration I was able to take part in as an Ismaili Muslim. I usually talk about spirituality, rather than religion itself, on my social media. And while celebrating being a Muslim is not the most trending topic these days, it is certainly a part of my life, my style, my vision, and therefore, worthwhile sharing. The celebration I attended was to honor sixtieth anniversary of the leadership of the Ismaili faith’s present living Imam, Mawlana Hazir Imam, also known as the Aga Khan, who is appointed through his hereditary lineage from the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). 
My week in Lisbon was marked by art and talent shows with Ismaili creators from all over the world, old friends and new, and participation in a spiritual visit and address from the Imam who was joined by the President of Portugal. This celebration not only marked the Imam’s vision and tireless work, which have steered the Ismaili community through 60 years of sweeping changes in the global landscape at a scale that is unprecedented in history against many social, political and economic challenges, but also marked the establishment of the seat of the Ismaili Imamat in Portugal, an act approved by Portugal’s Parliament and ratified by the President of the Portuguese Republic.
It was easy to feel joyous in Portugal and to dress accordingly so. Times of reflection and celebration were surrounded by gorgeous tiled buildings and doused in pastéis de nata and chamuças. Each day in the country brought me back closer to my roots, while positioning me ever more independent and adventurous to explore this country in all of its sensory notes and what it meant to be there as a Muslim. Now that I’ve shared with you a very important piece of my spiritual life, let me show you how I styled it in the moment. 

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In a year of self-care, I have moved myself to see certain things as “black and white” rather than shades of grey:

  1. You can treat yourself well, materially and spiritually, without the help of others.
  2. Identify what brings you intellectual happiness and indulge in it each chance you get.
  3. Stay two steps removed from negative thoughts and savor in the positive ones.
  4. Cultivate your best qualities now to be your best self in the future. Without this crucial last step, singing along proudly to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”  when you’re fifty is strictly off limits.

While un-complicating people and situations at the root will define my 2018, Romeo and Juliette had no such luck or mental clarity. Embodying my new black and white zen in my wardrobe, I treated myself to an afternoon at the Romeo and Juliette ballet at Lincoln Center, in this Dior-esque two tone ensemble. (Hello Step #2.) Here’s what I wore to the ballet.


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​New year resolutions, like traditions, are expected. ​But the value of traditions comes when they build toward something new​ and thrilling. This traditional notched jacket emblazoned in a near-east design is every bit classic as it is daring. Bringing true and traditional elements of life into every new year – such as family, faith and classic style – is the only guarantee to individualistic happiness and perseverance. And although setting resolutions can easily help define how happy you think you’ll be once the new year is old, those true elements will resolve you to rise above any trials in a society that sometimes ages more like spoiled milk than fine wine. In what stands to be a year defined by loads of grace and grit, this look is the first to be shared in that spirit. The poem below captures this style moment and the essence of the spikes in my shoes – just about perfectly. Continue reading


DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, Beyond the Little Black Dress, French Connection, French EmbassyStaying on the boss lady path means pushing boundaries everyday you didn’t know existed. As daylight shades the world ever more complex, turning to clean silhouettes and feminine tones is like style binging on comfort food. My wardrobe is fast becoming (insert large quantity of favorite food, e.x., a pizza factory.) This is how I ended up in a darling blush pink, loud-shouldered dress at the French Embassy’s “Beyond the Little Black Dress” fashion show.

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Washingtonians put great value on the utility of all things. For example, first date talking points include, “What do you do?” “Who do you work for?” “Do you think you could connect me with…?” Unsurprisingly, Washington takes the same approach with fashion. In a city where a bespoke blazer is the holy grail of any wardrobe, utility of fashion means a perfect power piece to get you from point A to point B. At my first fall DC Fashion Week, a flagship event which sets the tone for the coming year’s trends, I quickly noticed the event caters almost exclusively to ready-to-wear styles for a diversity of women. This was a sharp departure from the avant-garde (aka, who cares if it’s not wearable – it’s art!) nature of fashion week I had come to know and love as a native New Yorker. Continue reading


NYFW, NYFW 2017, NYFW street style, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, south asian blogger Prabal Gurung, Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid 1On the first perfect Sunday of fall, Prabal Gurung, Vivienne Tam, Jarel Zhang and others, re-contextualized femininity at New York Fashion Week. As the sun shone outside of the Skylight Clarkson Square galleries, a rainstorm of cameras captured a distinct vision for the spring summer 2018 season. That vision edged against today’s refrain from the top on the type caste of a woman.

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Runway for a Cause

The runway attracted international designers, fashion influencers, caregivers and advocates. We were all there to raise awareness for the Angelman syndrome. Why? The Angelman syndrome is a genetic disease so rare that it affects just 200,000 people per year in the U.S. While it requires lifelong care, the lack of awareness means it is often misdiagnosed as something else, like cerebral palsy or autism. Why now? Researchers believe because of its relationship to many other disorders, finding a cure for the Angemlan syndrome will lead to cures for similar disorders, like autism and cerebral palsy. Enter: international fashion philanthropy. Continue reading


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Flowers are one of the most short-lived tokens of affection (aside from a box of fine Belgian chocolates.) As a couple we’ve decided that everyday gestures of affection don’t need to carry an unnecessary end to life. So in my world, flowers are even more special, because they are an occasion-only gift. When my fiance does surprise me with a bouquet, I like to find ways to keep the bouquet and its memory living long after the vase-phase, in a way that’s more than just your mom’s potpourri. Enter my first DIY: How to Save Flowers post. Continue reading


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Atop the Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik

My recent trip to Iceland was filled with many firsts: seeing the northern lights, driving through a volcano-side river, and eating foods like shark and whale, etc. Adventures one could write a story book about. Getting lost in the experience of Iceland is easy. But every experience in Iceland is rooted in the country’s natural beauty. Among all the firsts, my trip also had a very unexpected “second-first”: my first fur coat my first, secondhand, fur coat. Continue reading