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Flowers are one of the most short-lived tokens of affection (aside from a box of fine Belgian chocolates.) As a couple we’ve decided that everyday gestures of affection don’t need to carry an unnecessary end to life. So in my world, flowers are even more special, because they are an occasion-only gift. When my fiance does surprise me with a bouquet, I like to find ways to keep the bouquet and its memory living long after the vase-phase, in a way that’s more than just your mom’s potpourri. Enter my first DIY: How to Save Flowers post. Continue reading


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Atop the Hallgrímskirkja Church in Reykjavik

My recent trip to Iceland was filled with many firsts: traveling as an engaged couple, seeing the northern lights, driving through a volcano-side river, and eating foods like shark and whale, etc. Adventures one could write a story book about. Getting lost in the experience of Iceland is easy. But every experience in Iceland is rooted in the country’s natural beauty. Among all the firsts, my trip also had a very unexpected “second-first”: my first fur coat my first, secondhand, fur coat. Continue reading


A while back I decided to change my views and consumption of so-called “beauty products.”  I stopped shampooing, I began to use olive oil as a facial cleanser, and I stopped wearing makeup on a daily basis.  Still, I love having beautiful polished nails. However I can’t help but feel like nail salons are like chemical incubators and I am just a roaming pod.  This is why I was super excited to discover the NAILSALOON at 1508 14th Street NW.

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