5-unique-trench-dc-fashion-blogger-nyc-fashion-blogger-indian-fashion-blogger-fall-fashion-outerwear-0Life, nor fashion, should be faced with a confidence crutch, nor a style safety blanket. Fall is a time when the leaves change color. When trends are predicted. And when elections are decided. In a city that sees so much change, it’s a wonder that key style pieces are worn year after year, with little update.  Since the beige trench coat is DC’s go-to fall item, here are 5 Unique Trench Coat Ideas. Don’t be beige in a crowd of beige.

1. Play with length.

Choosing shorter sleeves or hemlines lets you accessorize and keeps your trench coat unique through the seasons. Use gloves for an extra polished and elegant look.


2. Play with belts.

Belts are basic elements of a trench coat that can be turned into statement features (if you are a woman.) Like a mood ring for your waist, belts can create different auras for each look using a single trench coat. From powerful to playful, from day to night.


3. Play with colors.

Everyone turns to beige because it is a classic and “goes with everything.” But much like an accent wall, you can pick a statement color that complements your shape and skin tone, and make it part of your every day wear. Pick a color that embodies your personality and let your trench coat make your first impression.


4. Play with simplicity.

A seamless coat comes off as effortless as a Sunday morning walk in Central Park. Worn with a power dress or movie star sunglasses, you’ll be effortlessly cool as you slay the world on Monday morning.


5. Play with stitching.

Stitching can instantly change up the structure and attitude of your trench coat. Play with stitching to go feminine or fierce. (Check out the full trench coat look on my blog post here!)

More styled outerwear looks here.



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