Diamond Jubilee: Holiday in Portugal

diamond jubilee, portugal fashion, NYC fashion, NYC fashion blogger, DC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, summer fashion, summer styleI recently traveled to Portugal for holiday, but not just any holiday. This was a once in a lifetime celebration I was able to take part in as an Ismaili Muslim. I usually talk about spirituality, rather than religion itself, on my social media. And while celebrating being a Muslim is not the most trending topic these days, it is certainly a part of my life, my style, my vision, and therefore, worthwhile sharing. The celebration I attended was to honor sixtieth anniversary of the leadership of the Ismaili faith’s present living Imam, Mawlana Hazir Imam, also known as the Aga Khan, who is appointed through his hereditary lineage from the Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w). 
My week in Lisbon was marked by art and talent shows with Ismaili creators from all over the world, old friends and new, and participation in a spiritual visit and address from the Imam who was joined by the President of Portugal. This celebration not only marked the Imam’s vision and tireless work, which have steered the Ismaili community through 60 years of sweeping changes in the global landscape at a scale that is unprecedented in history against many social, political and economic challenges, but also marked the establishment of the seat of the Ismaili Imamat in Portugal, an act approved by Portugal’s Parliament and ratified by the President of the Portuguese Republic.
It was easy to feel joyous in Portugal and to dress accordingly so. Times of reflection and celebration were surrounded by gorgeous tiled buildings and doused in pastéis de nata and chamuças. Each day in the country brought me back closer to my roots, while positioning me ever more independent and adventurous to explore this country in all of its sensory notes and what it meant to be there as a Muslim. Now that I’ve shared with you a very important piece of my spiritual life, let me show you how I styled it in the moment. 

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NYFW Trends This Summer & Personal Boldness

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Last fall I wrote from the sidelines on New York Fashion Week Spring Summer 18 trends, about how designers were predicting an even bolder and more daring woman, with their presentation of lively colors and silhouettes on the runways. *Rubs crystal ball and fast forwards to the emergence Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.* While I went out on this shoot in Georgetown immediately afterward to capture my prediction, I knew that the journey to bolder and more daring would require more than a wardrobe enhancement.
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Wooden Watch Experience by JORD — Enter the Giveaway!

wooden watch, ladies watch, JORD watch, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, summer fashion, summer styleThe world often turns us into wild animals. Wildly chasing dreams. Wildly chasing love. And wildly chasing happiness (although this is a self-defeating endeavor, let’s talk about it in another post!). As I cross the seconds off to my next expansion – mind, body and soul – I am doing so with the essence of the wild on my wrist, with this stunning, wood-crafted JORD watch. Continue reading


Pashmina Collection, modest style, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, summer fashion, summer style​​Summer style is a Manhattanhenge in expression. Afternoons on the town ​become leisurely alfresco suppers under dusk. Promises of adventure turn into boundaries pushed an​d​ forgotten. And sunshine deems everything complicated simple once again. In the same way, summer style is a mentality that is equal parts whimsy and​ ​decidedly happy.​ My wardrobe was infused with timeless summer this year when the Pashmina Collection reached out to collaborate for its Spring/Summer ’18 arrivals.​ ​The dresses and my wardrobe got along like star crossed lovers: belonging together naturally and better off for knowing one another. Continue reading


eShakti: A Custom and Classic Dress Experience, custom dress, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, spring fashion, spring style

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Meryl Streep once wisely said, “Instant gratification is not soon enough.” But today’s society too often seeks instant fixes that are too trendy. From​ celebrities for public office​ to ​contoured body parts. Sometimes it feels like the times are forcing us to li​​ve with a little less charm. Lucky for me, I was recently introduced to eShakti – an instant wardrobe solution that doesn’t sacrifice custom and classic style for trendiness. Continue reading


Do's and Don't of Wearing Pink, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, 2018 fashion, nymannequin, power style, power style and social issues, blogger

Washington is a small town, and in a small town, people get creative. While in some small towns you might find a hundred different ways to bake a pie, in Washington you’ll find a hundred different ways to bake the truth. While truth as it exists today is a constructed narrative, so is your daily style. As a New Yorker in a city caught between preppy and afro-funk, every spring I look for edgier ways to wear the styles and colors everyone else is wearing. So this spring, I’m sharing my New Yorker’s edit for Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing PinkContinue reading


 What I Wore to the Ballet, Self-Care, DC fashion blogger, NYC fashion blogger, indian fashion blogger, indian blogger, Dior, NY fashion blogger, Lincoln Center

In a year of self-care, I have moved myself to see certain things as “black and white” rather than shades of grey:

  1. You can treat yourself well, materially and spiritually, without the help of others.
  2. Identify what brings you intellectual happiness and indulge in it each chance you get.
  3. Stay two steps removed from negative thoughts and savor in the positive ones.
  4. Cultivate your best qualities now to be your best self in the future. Without this crucial last step, singing along proudly to Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”  when you’re fifty is strictly off limits.

While un-complicating people and situations at the root will define my 2018, Romeo and Juliette had no such luck or mental clarity. Embodying my new black and white zen in my wardrobe, I treated myself to an afternoon at the Romeo and Juliette ballet at Lincoln Center, in this Dior-esque two tone ensemble. (Hello Step #2.) Here’s what I wore to the ballet.